My Social Media Policy

1.  Connecting: Introduce yourself and tell me why you want to connect

     If I know someone, there is little need for introduction.  If the contact is someone new, I definitely need an introduction and there must be a legitimate reason for why they want to connect with me.  ex. colleague, mutual friend.  There must be a prior connection already, or I do not accept the invitation.

2.  Follow, add, friend:  Do Not Follow

  I do not follow, nor do I want anyone to follow me.  As for the friend aspect, if I wasn’t friends with someone 10 years ago, why the hell do they think I miraculously want to be friends now! 

3.  Privacy, boundaries and safety:  You can never be to safe!

   No private information on the web whatsoever!! 

4.  Signal to noise:  I don’t care if you are at publix!!

   I want to have updates on my family and friends, about their children’s accomplishments, or new vacation pics, or new puppy pics.  I absolutely could care less when you go grocery shopping or do your laundry!!!

5.  Personal date and sharing:  In person

   If I want to get into deep conversations and find out intimate information, I want to do it in person, not through black font on a computer screen.

6.  My networking needs and uses:  facebook

   I only joined facebook, because my best friend bugged me for months and finally I gave in.  I do enjoy it now, and find it a great way to keep up with everyone’s events in their lives.  As for the other networks, I do not participate at this time in my life.

7.  What ever happened to the feeling you get when you look in the mailbox, and there lay a handwritten letter, that when you open it, you can feel the person, because of the smell that comes from the one who wrote it?



My nine year old daughter was hospitilized with salmonella.  As she layed there for 5 days, I had received precise instruction that I was no allowed to leave the room at any time, needless to say I had tons of time on the web.  As we rush through the hustle and bustle of everyday life, who has time to catch the news on the tv anymore?  To solve this problem and educate myself with the current events, I turn to http://cnn.com.  Through the duration of the hospital stay, I found a site within CNN which contained a very interesting  blog.  http://www.ireport.com/blogs/ireport-blog.  Different ireporters from all over the country write storys of small town news, current events, points of interest and post them to http://ireport.com.  A blog is included and the contents are great.  What a better way to be informed of news and detail from all over the world and from so many different points of view.

Everyone this day and time lead such busy lives, that we sometimes overlook some of the important events happening around us.  But, if at all like myself, you are always in the car at some point everyday.  Not all of us have satellite radio, but I would be willing to bet you own an iPod.  What a better time to catch up on the current events and news happening in our world today.  I listened to a podcast  put out by NPR (National Public Radio), titled “wait, wait, don’t tell me”.  It is basically a call in-game, quizzing you on events happening in the news.  The call in listeners play the game and therefore informs you of the news.  They also deliver parts of the news, outside of the game format.  NPR also has many free podcast which delivers the news to you on your iPod, and there is a new podcast each day.  What a better and more convenient way to stay informed while doing something you would be doing anyway?


Being a somewhat young woman in today’s society, when I am listening to or watching the news, if I hear any news story containing sexual misconduct, my ears immediately perk up.  No matter your surroundings sometimes, unfortunate events are bound to occur, nevertheless we can try to prevent all we can.  I attended a success seminar focused on sex signals and sexual assault awareness.  The seminar was delivered through different skits and acts to relay the message in a light mood and somewhat comical, though this is a very serious matter.  With sexual assault playing a prominent part in todays college society, young adults should really put up their guard and always put safety first.  College campuses are the perfect setting for dating, sex, and date rape through out the country, and students need to be informed of the consequences that can occur.   Sometimes these instincts are delayed when college students fall under the influence and their better judgement is impared.  The seminar conveyed very important and insightful information that most young adults already know, but so many need to be reminded.


I always say that just when I think I can’t possibly be shocked anymore, it always happens!  My professor advised me that one of our assignments was to activate a “twitter” account and “tweet” for an entire week.  Ooookkkk? First of all, being a single, divorced mother and spending all of my days upon horse back working cows, I am not on top of the communication world, not to mention updating my status, whatever the hell that is!  So in class this afternoon, I proceed to sign up for twitter to only find my 9-year-old daughter has a twitter account!  IN SHOCK!  So after I figure out how to complete my assignment without the use of a defibrillator, I am the proud newest member of the tweeting world.  I must disclose tweeting will not become a regular part of my life, as for the lifestyle I lead.  Nonetheless, I did find for many, it delivers information promptly from anyone you “follow”.  Whether it may be articles on a website you would like to share with others, or what activity you may be doing at the present time, its like a mass text to everyone.  At first I thought it to be just another social networking site to keep every one in the loop of your social life; I found it more informative of  different types of information from news, to articles, to some BS.  Nonetheless, I am glad I participated in the exercise and for just a little while I was well-informed in a way new to my world.

Ropes Course

If you and your friends are looking for a new, inexpensive activity while attending school at Georgia Southern University, the ropes course at the RAC may be just the thing for you.  Not only is it an outdoor and physical activity, but it also shows you new ways to communicate with each other.   If you are at all like me, I can’t remember what day it is much less the names of new people I encounter.  The first exercise we participated in not only improved your hand-eye coordination; it also taught our class everyone’s name.  We formed a large circle and tossed a tennis ball from one class mate to the other.  The kicker was each new round, you had to receive the ball from the same classmate you received it from in the prior game, and deliver it to the next classmate, also being the same one from the previous game.  In addition, you had to personally thank the classmate that threw it to you including their name and announce the next classmate’s name you were delivering to.  Every activity we did that sunny afternoon involved problem solving, and will challenge you in new ways.  The log exercise was very interesting, and not all what I was expecting.  Not to give away the goal, but I would have probably picked a different animal if I had known before hand what was in store.  Moreover, let’s don’t forget the ropes.   Listen to the instructions well; as if you are anything like me, you are very independent and determined to accomplish everything on your own.  Sometimes it is ok to ask for help! Nevertheless, it was a fun, mind challenging day, and it showed our class new ways to communicate with each other.